EyeTrackUX 2010 on June 2-3 in Belgium

This year we will have a super exiting conference on eye tracking in user experience researchEyeTrackUX 2010 – to be arranged in Leuven (near Brussels), Belgium on June 2-3, 2010 in co-operation with Centre for User Experience Research (CUO) at IBBT / K.U. Leuven. We just launched the website on www.eyetrackux.com and the call for speakers so register and submit your speaking proposal today! On June 1, the day before the conference, we will arrange a separate full day course on how to use eye tracking in web UX research and present 7 successful methods you can use.

Additionally I’m happy to announce that we have a confirmed speaker from Google at EyeTrackUX 2010: Anne Aula,  Senior User Experience Researcher. She will talk about:

How and why Google uses eyetracking in user experience research.
By Anne Aula, Senior User Experience Researcher, Google Inc.

“In this talk, I will talk about the various ways in which we use eyetracking at Google. I will highlight the reasoning behind key methodological decisions – such as using eyetracking as a qualitative supplement to think aloud studies or running more controlled experiments where eyetracking is the main source of data. I will also give examples of more controlled experiments we’ve run to explore how changes in pupil size predict the relevance of search results and how eye and mouse movements are coordinated when users are scanning search results. Throughout the talk, I will focus on the main question: in a fast paced product development environment, when is eyetracking worth the trouble?”

In other words, block June 2-3 in your calendar for EyeTrackUX 2010!


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