Using E-prime and Tobii Studio in the same experiment

E-prime is a software package from PST used for different types of behavioral and psychological experiments, for example reaction time experiments. With a separate plug-in (E-prime extensions for Tobii) it possible to also include eye tracking in an E-prime experiment.

One very frequent question I get is how to integrate eye tracking data in an E-prime experiment and if it is possible to collect data in both Tobii Studio and E-prime in the same experiment. After the release of Tobii Studio 2.0 a few weeks back it is now possible to automatically create scenes in Tobii Studio based on event sent from E-prime, this makes it much easier and quicker to use both programs in the same experiment.

Last week I made a very quick introduction video on how to use Tobii Studio and E-prime to collect eye movement data from a Tobii eye tracker in the same experiment. You can watch the YouTube video below. The E-prime experiment used in this video is a demo experiment available for download from here:


4 comments to Using E-prime and Tobii Studio in the same experiment

  • Yang Fang


    May I know if it is possible to use Tobii and E-prime together in an experiment, running on the same PC or otherwise, if we don’t have a extension installed? We have requested for an extension but yet to get a reply; while an integration test together with ANT (EEG) needs to be done urgently.

    Thanks so much for your help!


  • Hi Yang,
    It is possible to run E-prime and Tobii Studio on the same computer but it should be avoided. Using both at the same time will use quite a bit of resources on the computer and you might experience problems with the stimulus being displayed and with the data being recorded, all this may have an negative impact on the quality and timing of the data. This is why a 2-computer setup is recommended where one computer is a dedicated E-prime computer and one is dedicated for Tobii Studio.


  • Rachel

    Your video is extremely helpful! I’ve been having a difficult finding information on this topic as I set up experiments like this in my lab. Thanks so much.

  • Emily

    Thank you for your video(s) they are quite helpful. It would be more helpful though, if you could explain more specifically the StringText included in the Tobii calls, especially in terms of creating scenes, as it is, it is a little difficult to determine if all of the text is generic, or if some is specific to your demo experiment. Also, it would be nice to have a little more in-depth explanation of what the calls are exactly and how they will appear in the Studio output. Finally, more specific explanation of the placement of certain calls would also be helpful.