Feng-GUI vs real eye tracking data

On the Feng-GUI web site (http://www.feng-gui.com) you can upload images and have the website create an artificial heat map showing how people would look at your image. Feng-GUI says it can “effectively analyze Attention and Attraction in visuals” and that their “artificial intelligence service simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of exposure to visuals”.¬† Supposedly their heat maps should be as accurate as eye tracking heat maps: “Feng-GUI attention map reaches over 75% of ROI similarities to Eye and Mouse Tracking.”

Well I just had to try it and compare their heat map to a real eye tracking heat map. I uploaded an image that I had already included in an earlier eye tracking project, this image was seen by 50 people. You can see the comparison below.

This is the Feng-GUI artificial heat map:


This is the real eye tracking heat map from Tobii Studio:


As you can see above, the heat maps are very very different, definetly not 75% alike. Well, what do we learn from this? It is very hard to try to model human behavior, if you want to find out how people really look at something you need to use real people, artificial intelligence will not give you the correct answer…


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