Video: Eye tracking in quantitative user testing online

Today Tobii released a new interesting video clip in its Eye Track Expert TV interview series featuring Niall Bellabarba from Realeyes. Niall talks about how they use eye tracking in quantitative user testing online. Realeyes usually include at least 50 users in their eye tracking studies to reach saturation in user behavior to enable them to do quantitative analysis of the result. Their business idea is also to take the device where the appropriate users are, rather than having the users come to them and their testing facility. The cost of a simple quantitative web site test usually starts from £ 6 000-8 000. In the clip Niall also show and explain an example report they deliver to their end clients. Two example reports from Realeyes can be downloaded from here. Please watch the video below:


[pro-player width=’400′ height=’300′ type=’FLV’ image=’×209.png’][/pro-player]

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